App Income Report for September 2016

From this post onward, I will be publishing the monthly downloads and revenue made from my apps. Thanks very much to Matt from ‘My App Income’ for suggesting the idea to me!

I hope this can be a good way to be accountable and set targets for myself. Hopefully this will be something I can look back on positively down the track!


This month I did not release any new apps so download numbers stayed low. The main issue I think is that the content of both apps (the Indian Premier League and the Olympics) is not relevant so people searching the App Store won’t have much motivation to download them. So it’s clear I have to pick up my game to see better results.

I did wake up one morning to find that a few IAPs were bought which was both surprising and pleasing to see!

I hope to put in a lot more work in October to keep building my portfolio and get these numbers up.


This month I managed to get 118 downloads between two apps. Most of them (113) have come from my Olympic Games trivia app. I need to pay more attention to the IPL Trivia app and see if I can get it to at least produce similar numbers.



Thanks to a (I’m assuming one) generous user, I have managed to get $15 worth of IAPs for my Olympic Games app. I am well aware that this is an outlier so increasing downloads may not necessarily cause revenue to increase at the same rate.

Creating apps with better timing may help give me a better overall picture of which direction I should be heading.


Targets for October 2016

  • Downloads: 500
  • Revenue: $30

I think by creating more apps and updating my existing ones, this download target is very reachable.

The revenue target however is more hopeful than anything. As the apps are reskins, the only thing really in my control of this (other than downloads) is the questions in the apps.

Action Items for October 2016

  • Release 3 apps this month
  • Update 2 existing apps

If anyone has any other ideas to help me increase my download and revenue numbers, then please let me know!

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2 thoughts on “App Income Report for September 2016

  1. Fantastic to see your reports and thanks for crediting me!

    I just started some react-native development in the last couple of days. I can’t even dream of releasing 3 apps at the rate I’m going, I can’t wait to see what you produce. Good luck for next month.

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