Book Review: App Empire by Chad Mureta

App Empire







  • Outlines useful practical strategies
  • Provides real world examples
  • Gives a good outline of the mindset an appreneur should have


  • Information is almost 5 years old
  • Marketing strategies may now no longer be as effective
  • Author's online resources no longer exist


In App Empire, Chad Mureta takes us through his strategy for building a lifestyle business through creating mobile apps. If done successfully, he promises you can live the free life you’ve always wanted, with a consistent but minimal input required from you.

App Empire aims to lay down a blueprint for readers to follow to create a successful app business. This ranges from forming the correct mental attitude, how to start hiring programmers, and tips for using advanced marketing strategies. There are terrific actionable items outlined at the end of each chapter for the reader to apply to their own business.

The book is written in 2012, so the content may perhaps be a little outdated – particularly in regards to changes to the mobile ecosystem. You will also find that all of the links to resources he gives no longer exist.

The book however does remain relevant to highlight the goals many appreneurs would love to achieve. Here are a few of the main points from the book to help you on your way to achieving this:

Install a Millionaire’s Mindset

One of the most important attributes for an entrepreneur is to have a winning mindset. This is no different in the app world.

It is important to know your why. Why do you want to make money through running an app business? The answer to this question will vary from person to person, but is critical in judging how motivated you are to succeed.

Try to visualise how your life can change with an app business, and use these visions as motivations while working on your app business – especially when running into hurdles.

Understand the Marketplace

A habit App Empire stresses on multiple occasions in the book is to visit the App Store every day. Download and play around with the apps that are successful and those that are not.

Study the top apps on the charts in the App Store. Pay particular attention to how each app is marketed, and note down the trends of the top apps. Write down what you observe both from a marketing and feature point of view.

The level of success in your app business will depend on how well you understand the app market and adapt to deliver what users want. Make sure you don’t fall in love with your own idea too easily!

Other Useful Tips from App Empire

  • Start with iOS. According to Chad, it is easiest for a newbie to begin by creating apps for the App Store.
  • Minimise risk by developing multiple low cost apps, rather than spending big on one potentially huge (and untested) idea
  • Market your apps to attract an impulse buy, by showing enough to convince a user to purchase your app within the first 10 seconds of discovering the app
  • Within your app, you need to show users value within the first 30 seconds
  • Focus on iteration, not innovation. Look at other apps and see if you can emulate their idea and take it to another level.
  • Track your revenue every day. Study the reasons for changing revenue and rankings of your apps.
  • If you want to test out a new marketing strategy, do it once and measure the results across at least one week
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