Book Review: Apps: From Concept to Consumer by Josh Gregory

Apps: From Concept to Consumer by Josh Gregory







  • Great intro into mobile apps for a newbie or younger audience
  • Helps you appreciate how mobile devices and apps have evolved


  • Not many serious actionable items for current appreneurs

This book is part of Scholastic’s ‘Calling All Innovators’ series. Young readers can benefit from it by discovering the opportunities provided by mobile apps. While the book can help you appreciate how apps have changed the way we live our lives, it lacks actionable material for appreneurs.

The book is a good introduction into the possible careers that moblie apps present. Also, the author goes through the evolution of mobile devices and apps to give you an appreciation of how far they have come over the years. You will also find a nice overview of how development teams create apps.

The most useful section for appreneurs is perhaps a small chapter that looks at future trends. These include The Internet of Things, Google Glass and wearable devices.

The book at the end of the day is a very general, high-level look at mobile apps. Therefore, for a better introduction into starting an app business, check out App Empire by Chad Mureta.

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