Course Review: ‘Productivity Hacks: Increase Productivity & Get Things Done’

Productivity Hacks: Increase Productivity & Get Things Done







  • Uses personal and practical examples for productivity improvement
  • Highlights the essentials to get the most out of your mornings


  • Could provide deeper practical instructions for some techniques


This course looks at productivity hacks used by successful people to enable them to get things done and achieve success. It provides people with assistance on how to correctly set goals, and get into positive habits.

Here are a few significant ideas for productivity hacks from the course:

Do Work That Matters!

If you list all the tasks you might do every day and find which ones produce the most income and are aligned with your why, you may notice that a lot of the work you are doing goes to waste. Try to minimize these tasks as much as possible.

Have a Positive Morning

Building good morning habits will help you stay consistently productive throughout each day. To be more productive than the majority of people, you need to have more effective mornings than they do. Allocate time early in your day for:

  • Exercise (at least half an hour)
  • Personal development (gaining knowledge, planning and tracking your goals)

Set Deadlines

Ever noticed how much more productive you are when under pressure to meet a deadline? This is due to the fact that deadlines force you to take immediate action on a high priority task.

Use this to your advantage, and set up realistic deadlines that motivate you to maximize the efficiency of your daily tasks.

Out of all the productivity hacks, I would suggest that this is the best one for those who feel they are naturally a bit lazy, and tend to procrastinate.

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